T-Shirt Designs

Complimentees Designs

During my time working at big frog, I was enlisted to work on some private t-shirt designs for online store Complimentees. These positive little designs were fun to work on and print. The president of Complimentees likes text based design where the font is the message. Therefore, you will see very little illustrative qualities to the work. 


I Love Your Messiness

I fun little phrase, perfect for girlfriends, wives, and bfs. Click image to see design details. 


You Speak the Truth

Complimentees was looking for a more masculine design for a guys shirt. I used a vintage whiskey bottle to inspire the design. Click image to see design details. 


You Make Me Feel Music In My Bones

Kinda a mouthful, but these I was inspired to use antlers as an alternative to idea of bones. I liked the simple text in combination with the bright colors. FEEL MUSIC is tangled in the living, breathing, colorful bones. I think the simple design speaks to the dancer and music lover. Click image to see design details.