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Redpepper User Experience Project

redpepper user experience project

The spring following my graduation from Lipscomb in got a User Experience Internship at redpepper. During the internship they ask every intern to work on a project that adds value to the company. In the end I decided to undertake a complete redesign of the library. I treated the project just like user experience study in order to fully understand the complex needs of the users and design a solution .


step 1

The first thing I did was made an Audit on the library to start understanding scope of the project and which things didn't make sense. 

Step 2

I started conducting interviews about the space, use, and history to everyone in the company. This took several months to complete but they gave me a ton of wonderful insights. Once I began to see pain points and problems with the library's features that prevented it from being a useful resource. 

Step 3

I began to compile the data that I got from people's interviews, heuristics reports, and my audit. Categorized the problems people were having into 4 main problems. 


Step 4

Once I had pulled my key insights, I began to share my learnings with people within redpepper that would be able to carry the vision forward. I did all the necessary research to know how best and more effectively I could make redpepper's library vision a reality. I put together proposals, plans, and recommendations based on company budget. I created vision boards so that I could better give people an understand of what the library's potential could be. 


Step 5

I found and used this Library System to let categorize the books and use as a check in/ check out system. To solve for the confusion and the problem that no one knows exactly what resources are avaiblible. 


Step 6

I created this card for the peoples of redpepper to use in order to share their key insights with each other. They can be left inside the books. Therefore a person can get quick pinkgold (the term the company uses to describe a bit of information that you want to highlight). 


In the end, I left the library much better than where I found it. With a functioning Library System, unuseful resources gone. I gave them their own words to encourage and inspire them to use the space as it was intended. A whimsey place for inspiration, relaxation, and a place that shows that this company is truly dedicated to learning and growing.