and then I had a Job

It's incredible to look back over the extraordinary events of the past 6 months. I got fired, freelanced, and then hired into a position in my field. I'm so thankful that I got that chance to take a break. I've discovered that I'm a borderline work-a-holic and I had an emotional dependency on my job. Since loosing it I was forced to redefine my self-worth, ask if I'm actually any good at what I do, and decide if my degree was even something I wanted to pursue. The past few months have taught me empathy for others in my position and tenaciousness in the pursuit of my passions.

This weekend is the two year anniversary of my graduation from university. I have the opportunity to look back and see how far I've come. I'm happily married, with a beautiful home, a career that challenges me to grow, and a hobby that pays me. I'm nothing if not thankful in this moment for everyone who walked me through that time in my life and spoke truth to me. 

Kalai Myrick