Hard: Taste Masculinity

A tongue and cheek brand that is based on the idea of a manly branded coffee. 

Hard: Taste Masculinity

This was a branding project that I did for one of my capstone courses at Lipscomb University. We were supposed to invent a project, write a brief, then create a brand based on the outline. I was working in a coffee shop at the time so there is little surprise I chose a coffee beverage. I added a little spice to it by adding cream and whiskey. This brand is primarily the Joker archetype. Using creativity and humor to get their brand to stick in people's minds.

The target market for this product is, Young businessmen, age 21-31. These men enjoy coffee in the morning and they don't take it black. These fellas are a little embarrassed by French Vanilla Latte scrawled in the side of their cup for their workplace to see. They want to be bold and make a strong impression. Hard is exactly what these men are looking for. Coffee with a little sweet and smooth to take the edge off the morning. 

The a huge inspiration from this project came from the idea, "morning wood" / hard coffee / swiff drink. I decided to just run with the giggles and created hard in masculine looking tin flasks that would open and feel much like a soda can, covered in a wood texture in emphasis the morning bit. This drink comes in three flavors and will be sold in every starbucks in the next few years.